Vatata is an ideal solution for distribution and transmission of high bandwidth media content over Internet. It's an open platform based on latest software and networking technologies. P2P protocol is built into the core platform, which makes it possible to publish high quality content to millions of subscribers over Internet with very low costs.

Vatata is a powerful solution to media distribution tasks. Its transmission system is stable and efficient. | more

Vatata platform solution

Vatata media distribution platform is a P2P streaming media platform system, and it’s completed and manageable. | more »

Vatata Joost-like solution

The Joost-like solution is the player UI ,more like Joost, this is so-called Joost-like solution. | more »

Vatata p2p-STB solution

Vatata provide customization p2p STB solutions for third-parties,It can cannect to public p2p networks,such as Bittorrent,emule and guntella. | more »



Vatata provides the completed P2P streaming media solutions for the telecom operators, TV operators, new media companies and household products manufacturers. These solutions include P2P content transform system, Internet player and embedded devices.more »

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