What’s Vatata?

As the continual improvement of PC’s calculation and netting function, the calculation function is always ignored. On the other hand, all sorts of Internet companies begin to be not able to afford the pressure of calculation capacity of the central net and the needs for more powerful broadband. Consequently, the quality of their services is affected.

At this moment, the P2P technique is developed. As soon as its birth, the problems stated above have solved. The basic concept of P2P is to utilize the marginal nodes’ calculation capacities to fulfill the lack of the central nodes’ same capacities, finally, in order to offer the service to the larger number of subscribers. P2P can separate the service from utilization completely, and then build up a new Internet concept: participating, contributing and sharing. The BitTorrent is the current largest documents exchanging networking, which is developed based on this concept.

Except the files exchanging, another feature of P2P technique is the huge amount of streaming media. However, there are lots of differences between these two features. And the online video service may get in trouble because of the technical difficulties:

  • Broadcasting: it’s difficult to broadcast a same program to the audiences.
  • The server and the Internet resources: to offer the services to a number of subscribers, there will be a huge demand on the servers and broadband resources.
  • Real time problems: the transformation of the large amount of resource make it is impossible to play the video at the same time, in another word, through the P2P, we can hardly play the video while we are downloading it.

To solve these problems, the telecom operators tried to rely on the multicast to improve the problem about broadcasting, but they found it was quite hard during the implementation; they also tried to use the CDN and the particular network to meet the needs on servers and Internet resources, unfortunately, the result was the larger costs with lower return. Generally speaking, based on the Internet, the high quality video service is hardly offered to the subscribers.

Consequently, Vatata focuses on creating a video solution about how to utilize the advantage of the Internet maximally. Studying the traditional TV service and the flexibility of the Internet, to build up P2P Internet video solution with the social service feature.

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