Vatata provides the completed P2P streaming media solutions for the telecom operators, TV operators, new media companies and household products manufacturers. These solutions include P2P content transform system, Internet player and embedded devices.




Telecom operator

The solution is against the operators’ P2P streaming media platform.

The solution can solve the telecom operators’ concern about developing IPTV with the high investment and lower return, and help them operate the business with more profit based on a new concept.

TV operator

The solution is against the Internet TV of the TV media groups.

The solution can help TV media groups expend their business online and create a new revenue model.

New media company

The solution is against the Internet rich media business.

The solution can reduce the costs of the video service and make them be competitive.

Household products manufacturer

The solution is against Internet household products of Internet streaming media.

The solution can assist the manufacturers to develop the new product with the Internet interface, also enhance the connection function of the products.

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