Vata media delivery platform

Vata media distribution platform is a P2P streaming media platform system, and it’s completed and manageable. The design of the platform is following the telecom class, and the platform can afford millions of subscribers’ visits on all kinds of streaming media at the same time. To deal with such huge amount of visits, Vata Media Distribution Platform can pre-count the contents and then distribute them to the nodes to fit the P2P router. This procedure finally realize the distribution of the large amount of streaming media with the lower costs and high quality through the Internet, meanwhile, the subscribers can watch these contents fluently on their PC.

About the design of P2P’s algorithm, Vatata exclusively developed ToMo (Tree Over Mesh Overlay), the new networking model of P2P. This model not only used the stability and effective P2P of BT and Mesh as the reference, and also utilized the Tree Structure’s advantage. And the model finally becomes fit for the feature of video service, live.

vatata structure

Based on ToMo model, followed the P2P networking structure, Vata meida transformation platform reached the “FastStart”. With the good condition of broadband, the subscribers can start watching the video in 5 minutes, or even sooner. About the networking transformation and penetrability, Vata platform combined the TCP and UDP, in order to increase the chance of Internet sharing and enhance the capability of the Internet maximally.

In addition, according to the supports to Super Node, they can improve P2P networking forwardly, and make more P2P data become local and territorial, thereby, reduce the pressure of the key network, meanwhile, cooperate with the CDN to compose a more advanced operation solution. To sum up, the Vata media distribution platform can optimize the video networking, and make it to be highly self-organized, manageable and territorial, accordingly, compose a new interactive TV network, which can compare with the satellite TV network. Vatata is a powerful tool for the new media companies to make a new order within the relevant industry.




Fast Startup

With the good condition of broadband, the subscribers can start watching the video in 5 seconds.

Changing channel is also effective.

Transport Protocols

The transform model combined TCP and UDP, it can deal with many complicated networking conditions.

Reduce the blocks of the network transformation maximally.

NAT Traversal

The intelligent recognition to many kinds of network NAT can finish the distribution automatically,and then realize the maximum network sharing.

Special LAN exploring function, which makes the subscribers share the resource 100% automatically. Meanwhile reduce the wastes

SuperNode Support

According to the supports to Super Node, they can improve P2P networking forwardly, and make more P2P data become local and territorial, thereby, reduce the pressure of the backbone network

Work with the recognition of IP address, in order to make P2P group network be territorial.

VOD Support

Can support all formats and encodes media files’ VOD, the files’ formats include: asf/wmv/rmvb/rm/flv/mp4/mov/mpeg1-2/, etc.;the encodes:mpeg1-2/wmv7-8-9/rmvb/xvid/h.264/vp6, etc.

Also support to most of the audio formats.

Live Support

Support to the live of real time streaming, including: mms/rtsp/rtmp/mpegTS;also support to the files’ live and replay,and the format of these files are same with the VOD.

Can work with the current main streaming servers, such as: WMS/Helix/Darwin/Adobe

Background System

Offer the webbased background system. Including: CMS,billing and statistics monitor.

Can integrate with the third part management system.




Source Server

The center of the whole streaming media network, its functions include: switching in contents, managing nodes, serving network.

Must have.

SN Server

To deploy this model, they can afford more contents and subscribers, also can reduce the pressure of the central broadband and express the subscribers’ experiences.

Must have.

Statistics Monitor

According to this model, they can manage and monitor the operation of the whole network.

Must have.


Manage all the contents of the steaming media network.


Content Distribution

This model distributes the media content to every SN server from the media center. It’s designed for the VOD.


AD. System

This model is used for the business of the advertisement driver.



This model is charging for the contents on Vatata network.



Vata media distribution platform is very flexible, the allocation and distribution will vary according to the situation and contents. The requirement for the server’s configuration is followed:

  • OS:Linux(core>2.4)/Windows server 2003
  • CPU:Xoen 2G
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Bandwidth: 100Mbps
  • Storage: 100GB

The suggestion to a system, which is for large amount subscribers and with high performance, is distributing according to the geographical location, setting up several SN nodes, each of them has a group of servers, and every group includes 3 to 5 servers, and the bandwidth should be 1Gbps.

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